“I want to express my eternal gratitude to both of you and your company. You have been more than exceptional and worked the extra mile and assist us in getting our new home. On behalf of our kids (that are extremely excited), Oxford and I; THANKS SO VERY MUCH. We will spread the word out there that we are a true testimony of a family very well served by you and your company.
In an industry very stressed, excellent Customer Service has to be recognized. Please share our THANK YOU’s with your supervisors and upper management.
KUDDOS & Wishing you all nothing but the best!!!”
– Michele, Oxford & the family

“I wanted to thank you two for all you did for Michele and I. We successfully closed Friday and started working on the house Saturday and Sunday.
You two are two top notch Mortgage professional’s. I have never seen a processor or a loan officer as attendative, prompt in response, and caring as you two. I don’t think I ever waited more than an hour for a response to any of my questions. In this industry that is almost of unheard of and me being in it for 22 years I know that I am talking about. Michele and I both thank you two for everything. I wish you two nothing but success and wellbeing.”

“You were absolutely amazing and I can’t thank you enough for putting up with all of my questions and explaining everything as thoroughly as you did throughout the process. The closing was extremely smooth and I can only attribute that to the work of you and Angelina. Thanks so much!”
– Dimitro and Amy

“I am sending a note of appreciation for the work you did in getting our re-finance taken care of in such a professional and timely manner. I happen to see Rodney on GMT and decided to use someone we could meet in person and shake hands with if nothing else. I appreciate how streamlined the process was and your help in working with us when the appraisal came in a little under what we were expecting. David, you made the difference in us being able to re-finance and so we thank you very much!”
– The Kings

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